Individual Therapy


Individual therapy with me is in essence talk therapy where you and I journey together to explore your life – your troubles and your successes, your intrapersonal understanding (sort of your insights into who you are), your past, present and future, your hopes and dreams and potential barriers to realizing those. We are metaphorically on the path together, but you are the leader, the driver and I am a passenger who is there for support and to offer navigational tips you can choose to try or not. While it is conversational and friendly, it is different than talking to friends and family in that the complete focus at every moment is to enhance your emotional balance and wellbeing. At the core of successfully developing our overall health including in our relationships with others is self-awareness and effective individual therapy with me is meant to help with that. As it is with all forms of therapy, a most important aspect of your success is the therapeutic relationship. Not every therapist is best for every person, so there is great value in meeting with a therapist a time or two before you decide if a particular therapist is a match with you, your needs and your personality. A thoughtful therapist will do their best to be authentic and open so you can decide if this is the person best suited to facilitate your wellbeing.